Game Hungry: Lost Toys

Lost Toys is a mentally engaging 3D puzzle game of profound beauty, depth and challenge. Toys are lost, broken, or forgotten. Fixing them promises to right this hauntingly gorgeous chamber and restore the childhood innocence that has been lost. To fix the toys you need to spin them around and solve like a Rubik’s cube. This game will exercise you brain like no other. If you’re looking for a challenge you can download Lost Toys for $2.99 in the Play Store.

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Gear Hungry: Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Experts tell us that it takes 30 repetitions for the human brain to remember a given sequence of data. Human experience tells us that 30 minutes is enough time to forget said sequence. If you’ve ever forgotten a combination to a lock or misplaced a key – and who hasn’t? – Noke is the answer. Noke is the first Bluetooth padlock and the first padlock you can share. Using its iOS or Android app, Noke finds and pairs your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. Then, unlock Noke at the touch of the lock’s shackle: just have your phone within 10 feet of your lock, without having to launch its app or even pull your phone out of your pocket. The app also allows for sharing the lock permanently, one-time, or anything in between. Even if your phone battery dies you’re not locked out, since Noke allows a custom access code to be programmed for access anytime, inputted by pressing on the shackle in a sort of Morse code. And since the technical prowess of a lock is moot if it can’t stand up to abuse, Noke is water-resistant, made of hardened steel and boron, and lasts up to a year on a single battery.

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Tech Hungry: Tiny Breadboard Power Supply USB

Extremely tiny connector that supplies power via USB or from a mobile battery. It’s so small that it doesn’t occupy any space on a sol

We want to improve this smallest and coolest tool even better!

Have you ever found the breadboard power supply that you truly feel satisfied with?We, BreadBoardManiac, created this tiny connector for you!
Yes, this connector is super small. However, it doesn’t look so pretty 😦
So, we decided to put it in a pretty-looking enclosure! Which makes it complete as a full-fledged product!

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Game Hungry: Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. Procedurally generated random levels mean that every time you play the game, it’s a different experience. Control one of six characters, all with their own unique play styles, abilities, and equipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat where your tactics, positioning, and timing matter. Wayward Souls is available for $5.99.

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Gear Hungry: Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

Titanium. Named for the primeval race of immortal giant deities descended from Gaia and Uranus, and a composite material for armor plating, spacecraft, missiles and the Titanium Funnel Flask. But the titanium construction of this holder of spirits isn’t the prime feature of this one of a kind vessel; it’s the unique filling apparatus built into the flask itself. If you’ve ever filled a flask – and what groomsman hasn’t – you know that even if it comes with a funnel, after the first fill the funnel is long gone and subsequent refills are prone to making sticky hands and wasted hooch. The integrated silicone funnel of the Titanium Funnel Flask makes sure you’re never without an easy, spill-proof filling method again. To fill, simply flip the funnel up, then flip it down when filling is complete. No funnel to lose and no plastic or metallic aftertaste. And with almost a third of a fifth capacity (8 oz., or 5 generous shots), you’ll be ready to make any event more interesting.

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Game Hungry: Modern Combat 5- Blackout

Modern Combat 5 is the new Modern Combat game. It is a lot like the previous Modern Combat games. Create a squad, add your friends and test your individual and team skills against other squads in dynamic multiplayer warfare. Is single player your thing? Then step into a world on the brink of anarchy and shoot your way out of one dire situation after another to expose a lunatic who’s trying to tear the world to shreds. For $7 you get this game and no annoying in-app purchases.


Gear Hungry: The Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip

We’re all for redundancy when it comes to important tools. Like carrying multiple bottle openers in case one fails. This also applies to anything relied upon for making fire, so pack a backup with the Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip, a tiny, reliable, waterproof, nigh indestructible lighter that’s American made of solid brass stock. Unscrew its top and light’er up in a pinch, or use it as a candle in an emergency, made possible thanks to its flat bottom.

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Game Hungry: The Great Prank War

This game from Cartoon Network is a spin on the show “Regular Show.” When Gene, the manager of rival park East Pines, gets his hands on a time machine, he goes back in time so he can win the Great Prank War and take over the park. Now it’s up to you to take it back, but it won’t be easy. The game also features awesome new Regular Show character designs and animation styles for maximum prankiness. Cartoon Network games are usually pretty good, and this one is no different.